Setting up contextual advertising

Setting contextual advertising – a service for launching advertising of goods or services on the Internet, through the services of search engines and social networks. The context has many settings that allow you to accurately target this type of advertising to a potential client. As a result, you will be able to profit from the first days of the start of displaying advertisements.

It is worth noting that search engines have contextual advertising. The most popular are:

  • Google;
  • Safari;
  • Bing.
Social networks also offer their services in this direction. The most popular with us are:
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;

There are other sites / services offering contextual advertising

We are currently setting up contextual advertising exclusively on Google!

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Google Ads

Price and terms

Cost- from 150 $

Deadlines – from 3 days

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Setting up contextual advertising from professionals!

Advantages of launching context by company specialists Optima Design:

Setting up contextual advertising by professionals – guarantee of instant customer attraction to your goods and services.
Do not wait for the grass to grow – make sales here and now!

Do you have something to offer customers? Ready site or online store? Then it’s time to act! With our help, a solvent client will quickly find out about your goods or services. Your task will already be to sell your product or service.

Still have questions? Contact us in a convenient way and we will discuss all the points that you are interested in.

Flexible price policy

We select the best option

We can always start with a typical campaign setup, saving the customer’s budget. Saving is already a profit!

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The maximum response time for supported clients is 24 hours. The priority type of communication is email.

Large audience

Google Ads – The Giant of Advertising

We focus on advertising on the Google Ads Network (AdWords). Truly endless customization options for every taste!

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