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Support for sites and online stores – is a set of actions that is aimed at maintaining the stable operation of a web resource. Our experts can monitor the “health” of your project, as well as fill it with copyright articles. For online stores, a filling service is provided. You just have to focus on developing your business without being distracted by the little things.

If your site runs on CMS OpenCart or WordPress, then we will be happy to outsource it. A well-designed website, on which work is constantly being done to fill it, as well as improve usability and introduce new “chips”, is able to advance to high positions in search engine delivery, attract customers and increase business profit.

The site administration must be approached responsibly, since illiterate site support can lead to the opposite effect – reducing the flow of customers and losing positions in search engines. Therefore, it is important to entrust the work to professionals who have experience in site administration.

We provide support for sites developed on Opencart and WordPress.

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Website support Opencart WordPress

Website support may include the following services:

  • performance monitoring and backup setup
  • elimination of errors and malfunctions in the site
  • hacking protection and virus diagnostics
  • elimination of detected viruses and detection of “holes” in the security of the site
  • control of payment terms for domain and hosting
  • filling sites and online stores with information and goods
  • adding and changing site sections and menu items
  • changing graphic elements, creating and placing banners

These are just some of the frequently performed works that come in support.

The cost of subscription support starts at $ 150.

The minimum term of the support contract is 6 months.

Discount for a one-time payment from 3 months – 10%.

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